Live Event Coverage

From single camera solutions to large-scale multi-camera setups with live broadcasts, we provide full coverage of live events including video editing.

Overview of Services

We are experienced in filming conferences, workshops and debates as well as private events such as weddings and other special occasions.

What we do:

  • Single or multi-camera setups with optional screen recording
  • Filming interviews and vox pops
  • Video editing, full-length or highlights videos for
    DVD/Blu-ray or online release
  • Live streaming on the web
  • Live vision mixing for the big screen


Some of the events we have worked on include:

  • FedCon, Europe’s biggest SciFi event
  • QCon London, the Software Development Conference
  • Rondo Veneziano, La Serenissima
  • Game Developers Conference Europe
  • The Schools, Students and Teachers Network (SSAT)
    Annual Conference and Debate
  • Bloody Diaries Convention
  • Code Mesh, the Alternative Programming Conference